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Sergeants 2022

This app will be updated automatically as soon as the Department publishes an Interim Order. It will continually be updated until the cutoff date for the 2022 exam is announced, that way you won’t need to study superfluous procedures.

Designed exclusively for The Key by Fineology for students like you!

Fineology pioneered this app which allows you to quiz yourself on the material you need to pass the Sergeants exam.

They’re over 800 in-depth questions that test your knowledge of the Patrol Guide, Administrative Guide, Legal Bureau Bulletins, Penal Law, CompStat Math, Grammar, and Judgement & Ability.

This app features exam-like questions; they’re all multiple-choice, just like the real exam. We’ve crafted the questions specifically to help reinforce the procedures tested.

Questions are written by people with first-hand experience. What more can we say about that?

In-depth explanations are included for each question.

A bonus list of acronyms to help you remember the common procedures. Additionally, the famous “Breaking-The-Chain” list is included.

Track your progress with scored exams as you learn to help show you where you need to focus.